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12a_1_word_concb_Verse Ref.txt14,792 K12b_2_word_concd_sorted.txt143,364 K12b_2_word_concd_Verse Ref.txt18,579 K12c_3_word_Concd_Verse Ref Fixed.txt24,191 K
12c_3_word_Concd_Verse Ref.txt21,904 K12c_3_word_sorted Ref Book Order.txt146,772 K12c_3_word_sorted.txt144,485 K12d_4_word_concc_sorted.txt150,502 K
12d_4_word_concc_Verse Ref.txt25,718 K12e_5_word_concc_all.txt153,835 K12e_5_word_concc_Verse Ref.txt29,051 K12f_6_word_concc_all_sorted.txt157,014 K
12f_6_word_concc_all_Verse Ref.txt32,229 K12g_7_word_concc_all_sorted.txt160,036 K12g_7_word_concc_all_Verse Ref.txt35,251 K3 Phrase 01_GEN_Chain Ref.txt9,912 K
3 Phrase 02_EXO_Chain Ref.txt9,833 K3 Phrase 03_LEV_Chain Ref.txt9,723 K3 Phrase 04_NUM_Chain Ref.txt9,835 K3 Phrase 05_DEU_Chain Ref.txt9,776 K
3 Phrase 06_JOS_Chain Ref.txt9,645 K3 Phrase 07_JUD_Chain Ref.txt9,619 K3 Phrase 08_RUT_Chain Ref.txt9,428 K3 Phrase 09_1SA_Chain Ref.txt9,732 K
3 Phrase 10_2SA_Chain Ref.txt9,672 K3 Phrase 11_1KI_Chain Ref.txt9,724 K3 Phrase 12_2KI_Chain Ref.txt9,710 K3 Phrase 13_1CH_Chain Ref.txt9,666 K
3 Phrase 14_2CH_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K3 Phrase 15_EZR_Chain Ref.txt9,494 K3 Phrase 16_NEH_Chain Ref.txt9,534 K3 Phrase 17_EST_Chain Ref.txt9,470 K
3 Phrase 18_JOB_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K3 Phrase 19_PSA_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K3 Phrase 20_PRO_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K3 Phrase 21_ECC_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K
3 Phrase 22_SON_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K3 Phrase 23_ISA_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K3 Phrase 24_JER_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K3 Phrase 25_LAM_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K
3 Phrase 26_EZE_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K3 Phrase 27_DAN_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K3 Phrase 28_HOS_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K3 Phrase 29_JOE_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K
3 Phrase 30_AMO_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K3 Phrase 31_OBA_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K3 Phrase 32_JON_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K3 Phrase 33_MIC_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K
3 Phrase 34_NAH_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K3 Phrase 35_HAB_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K3 Phrase 36_ZEP_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K3 Phrase 37_HAG_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K
3 Phrase 38_ZEC_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K3 Phrase 39_MAL_Chain Ref.txt9,393 K3 Phrase 40_MAT_Chain Ref.txt9,718 K3 Phrase 41_MAR_Chain Ref.txt9,600 K
3 Phrase 42_LUK_Chain Ref.txt9,744 K3 Phrase 43_JOH_Chain Ref.txt9,653 K3 Phrase 44_ACT_Chain Ref.txt9,724 K3 Phrase 45_ROM_Chain Ref.txt9,521 K
3 Phrase 46_1CO_Chain Ref.txt9,520 K3 Phrase 47_2CO_Chain Ref.txt9,475 K3 Phrase 48_GAL_Chain Ref.txt9,435 K3 Phrase 49_EPH_Chain Ref.txt9,435 K
3 Phrase 50_PHP_Chain Ref.txt9,423 K3 Phrase 51_COL_Chain Ref.txt9,421 K3 Phrase 52_1TH_Chain Ref.txt9,418 K3 Phrase 53_2TH_Chain Ref.txt9,407 K
3 Phrase 54_1TI_Chain Ref.txt9,424 K3 Phrase 55_2TI_Chain Ref.txt9,416 K3 Phrase 56_TIT_Chain Ref.txt9,406 K3 Phrase 57_PHM_Chain Ref.txt9,399 K
3 Phrase 58_HEB_Chain Ref.txt9,488 K3 Phrase 59_JAM_Chain Ref.txt9,425 K3 Phrase 60_1PE_Chain Ref.txt9,427 K3 Phrase 61_2PE_Chain Ref.txt9,415 K
3 Phrase 62_1JO_Chain Ref.txt9,427 K3 Phrase 63_2JO_Chain Ref.txt9,398 K3 Phrase 64_3JO_Chain Ref.txt9,397 K3 Phrase 65_JDE_Chain Ref.txt9,402 K
3 Phrase 66_REV_Chain Ref.txt9,554 K3 Phrase Chain references with phrase numbers.txt240,151 K3 Phrase Concordance format to print.txt25,716 K3 Phrase Concordance ref Only .txt154,750 K
3 Phrase Concordance.txt149,334 K3 phrase double list.txt78,100 K3 Phrase single list - 04.txt7,421 K3 Phrase single list - Copy.txt21,301 K
3 Phrase single list 06 - Copy.txt17,316 K3 Phrase single list 06 (2).txt33,574 K3 Phrase single list 06 Chain Ref Done - Copy.txt20,081 K3 Phrase single list 06 Chain Ref Done Sorted added verses.txt142,683 K
3 Phrase single list 06 Chain Ref Done Sorted with full bible text added 01.txt144,116 K3 Phrase single list 06 Chain Ref Done Sorted with full bible text added.txt144,116 K3 Phrase single list 06 Chain Ref Done Sorted with multiple phrase ref.txt8,596 K3 Phrase single list 06 Chain Ref Done Sorted.txt20,081 K
3 Phrase single list 06 Chain Ref Done.txt20,081 K3 Phrase single list 06 no duplicates.txt9,912 K3 Phrase single list 06.txt33,574 K3 Phrase single list master.txt15,791 K
a word list 2.txt81 Kall phrases 1 to 7 b - Copy ref fixed Ref Sorted.txt926,075 Kall phrases 1 to 7 b - Copy.txt912,293 KBible Ref_Verse Ref Fixed 02.txt457 K
Bible Ref_Verse Ref Fixed.txt1,008 KConcordance 2 and 3 phrases sort book ref only 01.txt38,340 KConcordance 2 and 3 phrases sort book ref only sorted 01 - Copy.txt38,340 Kdelight word search in phrase concordance.txt39 K
Dove Word Search in Phrase Concordance.txt11 KDream Word Search in Phrase Concordance.txt67 KEdit10.txt12,742 KEdit13.txt91,478 K
Edit15.txt22,052 KEdit16.txt50,859 KEdit5.txt35,415 KEdit6.txt35,415 K
Edit7.txt52,066 KEternal Word Search in Phrase Concordance.txt22 KFaith Word Search in Phrase Concordance.txt113 Kfile.txt2 K
Glory Word Search in Phrase Concordance 01.txt100 KGlory Word Search in Phrase Concordance 02.txt107 KGlory Word Search in Phrase Concordance.txt193 KGrace Word Search in Phrase Concordance.txt77 K
Kingdom Word Search in Phrase Concordance.txt188 Kkjv1line.txt4,423 Kkjv1linebook order sorted no pun.txt4,385 KLove Phrases Chain Ref 3.txt9 K
Love Word Search in Phrase Concordance.txt142 Kmaster formated Glory Word Search in Phrase Concordance.txt187 Kmaster one line delight word search in phrase concordance.txt41 KMaster one Line Dove Word Search in Phrase Concordance.txt11 K
Master one line Dream Word Search in Phrase Concordance.txt70 KMaster one Line Visions Word Search in Phrase Concordance.txt58 Kmaster single line 01 3 Phrase single list 06 Chain Ref Done - Copy.txt144,252 Kphrase ref list.txt22,468 K
phrase ref list01.txt22,667 Kright.html29 KSalvation Word Search in Phrase Concordance.txt79 KSpirit Word Search in Phrase Concordance.txt477 K
Suddenly Word Search in Phrase Concordance.txt203 KVisions Word Search in Phrase Concordance.txt56 Kwords phrases with numbers.txt.txt30,505 K

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