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~$43_JOH.xlsx0 K~$50_PHP.xlsx0 K~$and 4 phrasesverses with text Master 4e - sort by phrase (Recovered).docx0 K~$ok of Ephesians Phrase Bible Dual References.docx0 K
~$ok of Romans KJV Phrase Reference Bible.docx0 K~$test1.docx0 K~$V Phrase Reference Bible.docx0 K~WRL1112.tmp56 K
~WRL3044.tmp12 K01_GEN Book First Phrase Concordances.txt246 K01_GEN redo.xlsx6,962 K01_GEN.csv57,971 K
01_GEN.xlsx7,436 K02_EXO Book First Phrase Concordances.txt0 K02_EXO.csv56,320 K02_EXO.xlsx6,921 K
03_LEV Book First Phrase Concordances.txt0 K03_LEV.csv3,446 K03_LEV.xlsx5,166 K04_NUM Book First Phrase Concordances.txt0 K
04_NUM.csv4,866 K04_NUM.xlsx7,750 K05_DEU Book First Phrase Concordances.txt0 K05_DEU.csv4,418 K
05_DEU.xlsx6,345 K06_JOS Book First Phrase Concordances.txt0 K06_JOS.csv3,917 K06_JOS.xlsx4,469 K
07_JUD Book First Phrase Concordances.txt0 K07_JUD.csv3,710 K07_JUD.xlsx4,171 K08_RUT Book First Phrase Concordances.txt0 K
08_RUT.csv5,078 K08_RUT.xlsx833 K09_1SA Book First Phrase Concordances.txt0 K09_1SA.csv4,429 K
09_1SA.xlsx5,128 K10_2SA Book First Phrase Concordances.txt0 K10_2SA.csv4,080 K10_2SA.xlsx4,537 K
10_RUT Final Phrase Dual References Text - Copy.txt69 K10_RUT Final Phrase Dual References Text.txt84 K11_1KI Book First Phrase Concordances.txt0 K11_1KI.csv4,854 K
11_1KI.xlsx5,901 K12_2KI Book First Phrase Concordances.txt52 K12_2KI.csv4,776 K12_2KI.xlsx6,158 K
13_1CH Book First Phrase Concordances.txt96 K13_1CH.csv3,896 K13_1CH.xlsx4,379 K14_2CH Book First Phrase Concordances.txt95 K
14_2CH.csv5,055 K14_2CH.xlsx6,398 K15_EZR Book First Phrase Concordances.txt60 K15_EZR.csv1,960 K
15_EZR.xlsx1,866 K16_NEH Book First Phrase Concordances.txt45 K16_NEH.csv2,353 K16_NEH.xlsx2,323 K
17_EST Book First Phrase Concordances.txt33 K17_EST.csv1,232 K17_EST.xlsx1,221 K18_JOB Book First Phrase Concordances.txt100 K
18_JOB.csv2,210 K18_JOB.xlsx2,493 K19_PSA Book First Phrase Concordances.txt269 K19_PSA.csv4,398 K
19_PSA.xlsx6,918 K20_PRO Book First Phrase Concordances.txt66 K20_PRO.csv16,883 K20_PRO.xlsx2,170 K
2021-05-11_20-56-38.pdf195 K21_ECC Book First Phrase Concordances.txt21 K21_ECC.csv852 K21_ECC.xlsx902 K
22_SON Book First Phrase Concordances.txt14 K22_SON.csv271 K22_SON.xlsx377 K23_ISA Book First Phrase Concordances.txt161 K
23_ISA.csv4,807 K23_ISA.xlsx6,458 K24_JER Book First Phrase Concordances.txt194 K24_JER redo test.xlsx2,135 K
24_JER.csv5,551 K24_JER.xlsx8,857 K25_LAM Book First Phrase Concordances.txt8 K25_LAM.csv874 K
25_LAM.xlsx691 K26_EZE Book First Phrase Concordances.txt153 K26_EZE.csv4,833 K26_EZE.xlsx8,021 K
27_DAN Book First Phrase Concordances.txt47 K27_DAN redo.xlsx2,433 K27_DAN.csv2,421 K27_DAN.xlsx2,716 K
28_HOS Book First Phrase Concordances.txt9 K28_HOS.csv1,678 K28_HOS.xlsx1,220 K29_JOE Book First Phrase Concordances.txt6 K
29_JOE.csv1,057 K29_JOE.xlsx687 K3 and 4 phrases combined.txt49,478 K3 and 4 phrasesverses multiple ref strings- v4e master - Copy.txt19,379 K
3 and 4 phrasesverses multiple ref strings- v4e master.csv500,862 K3 and 4 phrasesverses multiple ref strings- v4e master.txt19,379 K3 and 4 phrasesverses multiple ref strings- v4e master.xlsx8,184 K3 and 4 phrasesverses with text Master 4e - sort by phrase (Recovered).docx33,313 K
3 and 4 phrasesverses with text Master 4e - sort by phrase (Recovered).pdf128,390 K30_AMO Book First Phrase Concordances.txt10 K30_AMO.csv1,701 K30_AMO.xlsx1,229 K
31_OBA Book First Phrase Concordances.txt1 K31_OBA.csv539 K31_OBA.xlsx315 K32_JON Book First Phrase Concordances.txt4 K
32_JON.csv699 K32_JON.xlsx460 K33_MIC Book First Phrase Concordances.txt5 K33_MIC.csv1,445 K
33_MIC.xlsx952 K34_NAH Book First Phrase Concordances.txt1 K34_NAH.csv464 K34_NAH.xlsx320 K
35_HAB Book First Phrase Concordances.txt3 K35_HAB.csv537 K35_HAB.xlsx382 K36_ZEP Book First Phrase Concordances.txt2 K
36_ZEP.csv1,005 K36_ZEP.xlsx598 K37_HAG Book First Phrase Concordances.txt3 K37_HAG.csv673 K
37_HAG.xlsx461 K38_ZEC Book First Phrase Concordances.txt15 K38_ZEC.csv2,216 K38_ZEC.xlsx1,813 K
39_MAL Book First Phrase Concordances.txt4 K39_MAL.csv716 K39_MAL.xlsx501 K40_MAT Book First Phrase Concordances.txt292 K
40_MAT.csv3,681 K40_MAT.xlsx5,131 K41_MAR Book First Phrase Concordances.txt74 K41_MAR.csv2,818 K
41_MAR.xlsx3,493 K42_LUK Book First Phrase Concordances.txt61 K42_LUK.csv3,974 K42_LUK.xlsx5,124 K
43_JOH Book First Phrase Concordances.txt66 K43_JOH Final Phrase Dual References Text - Copy.txt511 K43_JOH Final Phrase Dual References Text.txt608 K43_JOH redo.csv2,430 K
43_JOH redo.xlsx3,289 K43_JOH.csv2,430 K43_JOH.xlsx3,755 K44_ACT Book First Phrase Concordances.txt53 K
44_ACT.csv3,504 K44_ACT.xlsx3,909 K45 Book of Romans Phrase Reference Bible.txt236 K45_ROM Book First Phrase Concordances.txt36 K
45_Rom Final Phrase Dual References Text - Copy.txt202 K45_Rom Final Phrase Dual References Text.txt282 K45_ROM redo.csv1,437 K45_ROM redo.xlsx1,461 K
45_ROM.csv134 K45_ROM.xlsx1,539 K46_1CO Book First Phrase Concordances.txt29 K46_1CO.csv1,220 K
46_1CO.xlsx1,395 K47_2CO Book First Phrase Concordances.txt15 K47_2CO.csv957 K47_2CO.xlsx889 K
48_GAL Book First Phrase Concordances.txt7 K48_GAL.csv551 K48_GAL.xlsx545 K49_EPH Book First Phrase Concordances.txt10 K
49_EPH book.csv9,990 K49_EPH extract test.csv.xlsx17 K49_EPH Final Phrase Dual References Text - Copy.txt67 K49_EPH Final Phrase Dual References Text 01 - Copy.txt74 K
49_EPH Final Phrase Dual References Text 01.txt89 K49_EPH Final Phrase Dual References Text.txt103 K49_EPH Final Phrase Text - Copy.txt31 K49_EPH Final Phrase Text.txt51 K
49_EPH redo.csv658 K49_EPH redo.xlsx606 K49_EPH test.csv9,990 K49_EPH.csv45 K
49_EPH.xlsx638 K49_EPH_01.csv607 K49_EPH_02.csv112 K49_EPH_03.csv95 K
49_EPH_04.csv187 K49_EPH_05.csv213 K49_EPH_06 test 2.csv1,063 K49_EPH_06.csv1,736 K
50_PHP Book First Phrase Concordances.txt3 K50_PHP.csv1,130 K50_PHP.xlsx349 K51_COL Book First Phrase Concordances.txt3 K
51_COL.csv502 K51_COL.xlsx423 K52_1TH Book First Phrase Concordances.txt4 K52_1TH.csv501 K
52_1TH.xlsx388 K53_2TH Book First Phrase Concordances.txt1 K53_2TH.csv383 K53_2TH.xlsx288 K
54_1TI Book First Phrase Concordances.txt6 K54_1TI.csv333 K54_1TI.xlsx319 K55_2TI Book First Phrase Concordances.txt2 K
55_2TI.csv421 K55_2TI.xlsx343 K56_TIT Book First Phrase Concordances.txt1 K56_TIT.csv142 K
56_TIT.xlsx146 K57_PHM Book First Phrase Concordances.txt0 K57_PHM.csv91 K57_PHM.xlsx90 K
58_HEB Book First Phrase Concordances.txt8 K58_HEB.csv1,371 K58_HEB.xlsx1,177 K59_JAM Book First Phrase Concordances.txt2 K
59_JAM.csv529 K59_JAM.xlsx420 K60_1PE Book First Phrase Concordances.txt2 K60_1PE.csv543 K
60_1PE.xlsx454 K61 1st John And God Said Phrase Reference KJV Study Bible.docx129 K61 1st John And God Said Phrase Reference KJV Study Bible.pdf789 K61_2PE Book First Phrase Concordances.txt2 K
61_2PE.csv361 K61_2PE.xlsx309 K62_1JO Book First Phrase Concordances.txt7 K62_1JO.csv458 K
62_1JO.xlsx525 K63_2JO Book First Phrase Concordances.txt1 K63_2JO.csv120 K63_2JO.xlsx107 K
64_3JO Book First Phrase Concordances.txt0 K64_3JO.csv62 K64_3JO.xlsx70 K65_JDE Book First Phrase Concordances.txt0 K
65_JDE.csv151 K65_JDE.xlsx124 K66_REV Book First Phrase Concordances.txt30 K66_REV redo.csv2,083 K
66_REV redo.xlsx2,385 K66_REV.csv2,083 K66_REV.xlsx2,755 KAnd God Said Phrase Reference KJV Study Bible Book of Hebrews Phrase .docx258 K
And God Said Phrase Reference KJV Study Bible Book of Hebrews Phrase .pdf1,307 KAnd God Said Phrase Reference KJV Study Bible.docx17 KAnd God Said Phrases with text.txt6 KBible complete v1.xlsx97,006 K
Bible Complete.csv27,215 KBible completed 2 formated and text added - Copy.txt25,527 KBible completed 2 formated and text added.txt172,162 KBook of Dan KJV Phrase Reference Bible.docx236 K
Book of Daniel Phrase Concordance.docx126 KBook of Daniel Phrases Study Bible - Copy.txt349 KBook of Daniel Phrases Study Bible.txt409 KBook of Ephesians Phrase Bible Dual References.docx57 K
Book of Ephesians Phrase Bible.docx38 KBook of Ephesians Phrase Concordance.docx37 KBook of John KJV Phrase Reference Bible.docx336 KBook of John KJV Phrase Reference Bible.rtf979 K
Book of John Phrase Concordance.docx203 KBook of Romans KJV Phrase Reference Bible.docx132 KBook of Romans Phrase Concordance.docx81 KBook of Ruth KJV Phrase Reference Bible.docx50 K
Book1.csv27,857 Kcover pages And God Said Phrase Reference KJV Study Bible.docx17 Keph snag.pdf157 Keph snag01.pdf157 K
First - 3 n 4 Phrases Multiple Ref Word Concordance.txt230 KHTML 000 Old Testament Phrase Reference Bible.txt23,115 KHTML 001 New Testament Phrase Reference Bible.txt5,521 KHTML Final Master Bible Phrase concordance.html17,389 K
kjv one line text used in phrase conc.txt4,610 KKJV Phrase Reference Bible.docx50 KMaster list concordance of first list 3n4 of phrases.txt2,437 KMaster list concordance of first list 3n4 of phrases.xlsx1,703 K
ref with tilde.txt491 Kright.html48 Ktest1.docx12 KTXT 49 Book of Ephesians Phrase Concordance.txt51 K
TXT Lovingkindness Phrase Concordance.txt33 KTXT Unfailing Love Phrase Concordance.txt33 K

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